Malinska is situated in a wooden bay on the western side of the island of Krk with another twenty surrounding villages belongs to a territory know as a Dubašnica.
The bay has a wealth of both large and small coves and thanks to its geographical position; the area is protected against cold winds,with little rain and about 260 sunny days per year.Natural beauties and a pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate are important features.
Thanks to its lush vegetation and microclimate,Malinska is know for its curative and bathing potential.
The sea and sun can be enjoyed thanks to the clean sea  water and numerous attractive beaches.
For years, the Blue flag,an international award, flutters over Rupa beach as a recognition of its quality and its excellent beach facilities.
The footpaths of Malinska are connected with the other footpaths of the island of Krk.

Walking along the coast you can reach other coast places or go further,inland through the beautiful natural environment.Most of the walking trails around Malinska and on the island of Krk are very good for cycling.